The whole reason we decided on mason jar salads came about simply because we were tired of looking for a high quality ‘leafy green’ based salad alternative and not finding one anywhere outside of a made to order salad at a fancy sit down restaurant.

As you’d know, the big problem here (and the reason you can’t find it and are often left with only root salads) is because once you dress a salad it needs to be eaten soon thereafter (before the leaves get soggy), so there is little to no shelf life for leafy green salads, unless… we could find a way to keep a leafy green salad as fresh as possible, somehow keeping the leaves and dressing from touching, and allowing for an easy way to be mixed quickly – with the end result being the customer gets a top notch, delicious and nutritious ‘leafy green’ salad.

Not to mention, there’s full transparency due to the vertical nature of the jars – you can see every layer and everything you are about to eat.

Lastly, we wanted to keep them as fresh as possible and use the most sustainable packaging we could find. Armed with all that information we stumbled upon Ball mason jars, essentially preserving jars, and it was love at first site. Ball mason jars, popular world-wide, and widely considered best in class, use a special 2 piece sealing lid famous for locking in freshness. We knew we had our answer and we’re so happy and grateful we do!

Getting them over in bulk from the US state of Indiana (as they are only manufactured there) is a story for another day…