salad bowls


We use glass instead of plastic for the obvious eco-friendly reasons but also because glass best retains all the flavours and freshness of the fruits and veggies inside. Everything tastes better in glass, plain and simple. There are no harmful chemicals in glass and of course it’s 100% recyclable.

pesto chicken

grilled chicken, parmesan, orzo, cucumber, baby spinach, pesto dressing

chicken caesar

grilled chicken, parmesan, bacon, egg, cos, caesar dressing

prawn avocado

tiger prawns, capsicum, red onion, smoked black rice, baby spinach, avocado dressing

jerk mango

grilled jerk chicken, roasted kumara, mango, quinoa, capsicum, black beans, baby spinach, apple balsamic dressing

red grape walnut

grilled chicken, red grape, walnut, quinoa, baby spinach, honey mustard thyme dressing

apple almond

grilled chicken, apple, radish, quinoa, baby spinach, sesame almond dressing

spicy south west

black beans, corn, capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato, quinoa, baby spinach, lime sriracha dressing

broccoli pesto

broccoli, sun-dried tomato, grilled capsicum, parmesan, fusilli pasta, baby spinach, pesto dressing

beetroot quinoa

roasted beetroot, feta, orange, quinoa, walnut, roasted kumara, baby spinach, beetroot dressing