“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
― Jane Goodall

We like to think of our fare as ‘super food’ – super-fresh, great tasting, healthy food presented in unique and eco-friendly ways. From our Ball mason jar salads to stainless steel smoothie straws, our goal is to provide a delicious salad, smoothie, soup or bowl while minimising the impact single use packaging has on the planet. We hope our focus on sustainability encourages you to get recycling, reducing and reusing every day.

What’s better than a delicious salad or soup coupled with the opportunity to make a direct, tangible and positive impact that you can see and feel every time you come in. We are excited to help re-think the way things are done and make a real difference [with you] every day!

Bring in your own re-usable container, have your salad tossed and enjoy! Good food, good intentions – now that’s living the good life!


If you’ve been to our store then you probably know what our recycle loyalty card is all about. You may have heard a version of the below spiel:

Every time you return one of our empty juice bottles back to us, return or re-use one of our smoothie mason jars, or bring in your own re-usable salad container we will give you a click on this recycle loyalty card. Once you’ve completed the card [10 clicks] you’ll get $10 Off your next purchase. Since it’s your first card we give you a BONUS click to get you started, just to encourage recycling…

To date we’ve received hundreds and hundreds of completed cards, thank you for recycling!



Providing you with reasonable ways to re-use, re-cycle, re-use every day is as important to us as the quality of our fare!

Every time you call in we encourage you to reduce your footprint simply by choosing to reuse or recycle any of our takeaway products and receive a recycle credit every time you do! It’s probably obvious by now but encouraging reuse and reducing single use disposable packaging are key tenets of our business today, and more and more every day. 

We [wash and] reuse our juice bottles and mason jars every day.

We are very committed to reduce (and ultimately eliminate) our use of disposable packaging, even if compostable.

We encourage you to join in and participate in our recycle loyalty program! We promise it will make you feel good and your food taste better. Please ask us for a card at the point of sale.

We use glass instead of plastic for the above reasons but also because glass retains all the flavors and richness of the fruits and veggies inside. Everything tastes better in glass, plain and simple. There are no harmful chemicals in glass and of course it’s 100% recyclable!


Correctly put the following 6 phrases in order of importance and get a FREE smoothie. Good luck.

1. Return 10 of our juice bottles and/or 500ml mason jars and receive one FREE item up to $10 in value.

2. Our goal is to be virtually free of the use of single use plastic/packaging.

3. Our ‘recycle loyalty card’ encourages the recycling and reuse of our juice bottles and mason jars. For every 10 bottles or jars you return you’ll get $10 OFF any purchase.

4. Love our smoothies? Purchase a one-of-a-kind stainless steel smoothie straw.

5. Next time you order a smoothie or soup ask us to put it in a FREE Ball mason jar that you can bring back and reuse over and over again or return and swap out for another one. Every time you do we’ll give you another click on your recycle loyalty card.

6.Instead of having your lunch in one of our takeaway kraft lunch boxes, we encourage you to bring in your own re-usable container and we’ll happily put your salad in there. Every time you do we’ll give you a click on your recycle loyalty card.

We strongly encourage you to recycle any container you receive from us or bring in your own. Email your answers to: hello@goodlifesuperfood.co.nz and we’ll send you a voucher for a Free smoothie!​

If you enjoy what we’re doing please consider helping us by writing a Google review. Much appreciated.